RobotFX Stairsteps

The trading strategy of RobotFX Stairsteps expert advisor is to trade breakouts of consolidation zones. It often happens that the price moves in a short range (ie the price consolidates) for a while and then breaks out of these consolidation zones. When this happens, many traders set pending orders above or below these zones - if they are following the trend, or at both ends if they are uncertain of the trend - in this case trader should consider using an OCO (one cancels other) approach. When the price breaks out of the CZ (consolidation zone) and hits the pending order(s), a trade will open.
RobotFX Stairsteps
The expert advisor detects consolidation zones and opens trades when the price leaves them
To better understand how the RobotFX Stairsteps EA works please check the screenshot above. As you can see, the trend is down. The price goes down step by step, just like a stair. The stair steps are the consolidation zones. RobotFX draws the CZ and enters short trades as soon as the price leaves the consolidation zone, down.
We do recommend following the trend and don’t just set random pending orders. This is where RobotFX Stairsteps expert advisor comes in to help. The expert advisor will allow you set only long or short trades to be opened. In other words, decide about the trend and set the EA to buy - if the trend is up - or to sell - if the trend is down. This expert advisor uses the traditional stop-loss function. It does not hedge but it has many other options to manage the trades and your money.
Some of the RobotFX Stairsteps features are: breakeven, trailing stop, stoploss, news filter, time filter (trading hours), weekend close, notifications, martingale (for the fans) and many other settings.

Watch how RobotFX Stairsteps works

  • RobotFX Stairsteps manual (contains the settings, explained)
  • RobotFX Heiken Stairsteps expert advisor might need the FFcal indicator (download and copy in the Indicators folder of your MetaTrader)
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