RobotFX Heiken Ashi

The RobotFX Heiken Ashi expert advisor is an all-in-one trading solution for traders trading with the trend. However, although is was designed to detect and follow the trend - by using the Heiken Ashi indicator - this (ie trend detection) can be disabled and the Heiken Ashi EA can be allowed to trade by simply following the Heiken Ashi signals on the current timeframe.
RobotFX Heiken Ashi
Heiken Ashi expert advisor with advanced trailing options (Trailing Stop)
The type of Heiken Ashi candles can be customized by the trader (smoothed Heiken Ashi or any other values can be chosen for the HA’s moving averages length, type, shift etc.). This applies to the Heiken Ashi indicator for detecting the entry/exit signals as well as for the HA used to detect the trend. When the trend detector(s) is used, the type of trend is given by the Heiken Ashi candle color on the respective timeframe. In the screenshot above, the Heiken Ashi is in uptrend on H1 and H4, meaning that the HA color is green (up) on both of these timeframes.
When the Heiken Ashi candle changes the color from down (red) into up (green), the EA considers entering a trade. The green arrows indicate possible entries on the chart above. One thing to be mentioned is that the EA also uses - if the trader wants to - the swing zone confirmation for its entries, same swing zone used by both Fluid and NonLagMA expert advisors. Once a trade is opened, the trader has the ability to either use a classic stoploss, trail the price using various methods (using the Tailing Stop EA algorithm) including Heiken Ashi, and even martingale if the previous trade closed in negative profit.
RobotFX Heiken Ashi
Heiken Ashi indicator is used to spot the trend and enter/exit trades
Money management is also possible by setting the EA to use a percentage of the equity as lotsize, or by using a fixed lotsize.

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