RobotFX Grid-X

This grid expert advisor for MetaTrader might be better than the other grid expert advisors for MT4, depending on traders’ needs. The RobotFX Grid X was designed not only to open a determined set of grid trades, following the classic forex grid trading strategy, but also to detect the trend, the trade entries and to hedge. While trading with the grid, many traders make the mistake to increase the lotsize, hoping that the price will continue to go in their direction. However, most of the times the price reverses, therefore transforming a possible winning trade into a few losing trades. To prevent this, our forex grid expert advisor has a lotsize multiplier that can be set to a value smaller than 1, and so allowing the EA to decrease the lotsize of the grid trades, trading the same amount or even increase it.
How Grid X expert advisor for Metatrader trades following the trend
The Grid X uses a custom moving average to detect the trend and Stochastic to trade
In downtrend (price below MA), the EA only openes short trades. Stochastic gives the exact trade entry, when it crosses in the overbought zone (opposite for long entries in uptrend).
Besides the advanced grid trading capabilities, the Grid X expert advisor can be set to follow the trend and enter a precise moment. The trend detector is done by a moving average that the trader can customize (type, length, shift) and the EA will follow it by simply allowing long trades only when the price is above it, or short trades if the price oscillates below the moving average. The exact entry is given by the stochastic oscillator, as in in the MetaTrader trading example above. Stochastic, with the correct settings, can be customized to match any other MetaTrader indicator - so, if the traders would like to use other signals to enter a trade, they can load on the same chart Stochastic and their preferred indicator and match their signals. Then use the same Stochastic settings within to trade using the grid EA.
The RobotFX Grid Expert Advisor settings, as seen in MetaTrader 4
The RobotFX Grid Expert Advisor settings, as seen in MetaTrader
Because of its hedging capabilities, the Grid X doesn’t offer too many options to close a trade or a basket. But of course, stop-loss and take-profit are available, as well as break-even and trailing stop. The number of grid trades can be restricted by the trader, as well as the number of hedging trades (if hedging is enabled). The distance between the trades and the distance hedging would start can also be changed by the trader.

Watch how RobotFX Grid-X works

You can find more information about this MetaTrader expert advisor by reading the RobotFX Grid-X manual.
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