Who we are and what we do

About RobotFXRobotFX is a small group of very enthusiastic, multinational and multicultural, successful traders. Our purpose is to create automated solutions and useful forex trading tools to reflect our successful trading strategies. In other words, all our expert advisors, indicators and scripts are created by traders, for traders.

We are:

  • Traders - not mentors, not teachers, not into organizing webinars. If we would have time for this, we wouldn’t have time to trade. Besides, we do believe that those who can, do; those who can’t, teach.
  • Programmers - maybe not the best MetaTrader coders in the world, but definitely the best coders that can create trading tools from our forex trading strategies and ideas.
  • Friendly - we will help you (as much as we can) work with our products and understand them so you can find the right settings and strategies based on your trading preferences and skills.
  • Not some obscure company selling sophisticated and hard to understand software products - all out experts and indicators are well explained and documented through pictures and videos
  • Not some unreliable programmer trying to advertise and sell yet another Holly Grail trading solution or black-box trading system tagged as “money making machine” - even our products can fail and lose your $$$, if you don’t already know how to trade
  • Not webmasters, photographers, video/photo editors - as you can probably guessed already by just looking at the quality of our web presentations, websites, pictures, Youtube videos etc
We have recently discovered many other brands/products out there, on the big wild WWW, labeled as RobotFX. Some of them have funny description, such as “money making machine”, “holly Grail” and so on. We are in no way associated with them, whoever they might be, and we do not sell black-boxes or trading signals.
RobotFX products are clearly described and documented through text, tutorials, pictures and videos and they are intended for people who have at least a basic idea about trading. However, the way you will use these trading tools can lead to winnings or losses.
We (RobotFX) - as traders - do not believe in “money making machines” (or any other software that promises an amount of xyz $/day) more than we believe in Santa Claus, Eastern Bunny or the Tooth Fairy. This is not intended to bash any other RobotFX name out there, it is just intended to emphasize that:
If something seems too good to be true, then it probably isn’t true.
RobotFX Reviews
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