Before you decide to contact RobotFX, please take your time and read the followings. It only takes one minute and there is a great chance for your answer to be listed here already, hence saving both of us the time writing/reading emails and asking/answering questions.
Is RobotFX closing your MT terminal due to a time limit restriction (for clients before 2017)?
Please read this and request your new license.

Are you having issues using our products?
Follow the instructions here.

Are you having issues finding a product?
Download the RobotFX you’re interested in from here.

The product that you ordered or our email response is too late?
Make sure to send us your trading account numbers so we can personalize and deliver your product.

Do you want to change your product’s account numbers?
If you already payed the license change fee (read here) please go ahead and send us your new account numbers.

For any other issues, please send us an email at the address below:
Soi Yommarat 6 Thapthan Uthai Thani, Thailand, 61120