Add/remove live account numbers to your RobotFX product

RobotFX licenseAs you probably know already, each RobotFX product is locked to a maximum number of five live accounts (demo accounts don’t count and the EAs can be used on any of them). To change (any of) these numbers and bound your EA to another ones you must request a license change.
In order for us to process and deliver your newly licensed RobotFX EA, please follow the next steps:
  • Pay the license fee (10$/product) - please do mind that your request will not be processed until you do so (this will appear on your credit card as donation)
  • Contact us - and don’t forget to send us your new account numbers
The 10$ fee does not apply to update requests. If there is a new release (announced on our blog) of a RobotFX product that you own, you may request the new version and the change the account numbers at the same time, at no cost. Only make sure that you send us the EA version that you require, and the account numbers at the same time.